L’EurOCA vous invite à sa deuxième conférence internationale, le WE des samedi 9 et dimanche 10 mars 2019 à Brugge !

L’EurOCA vous invite à son deuxième rendez-vous international, le WE des samedi 9 et dimanche 10 mars 2019 !


Lieu : en la merveilleuse ville de BRUGES au sein de l’HOTEL NAVARRA ****

                 (Sint-Jacobsstraat 41 à 8000 BRUGGE - www.hotelnavarra.com)

     It was with immense enthusiasm that the SEOC, the AMOC, the SOFA and the SCTF Belgium created together, in September 2016, an International Association called "EurOCA".


In the spirit of respect and loyal friendship toward the Board Members of the "OSTEOPATHIC CRANIAL ACADEMY" and the "SUTHERLAND CRANIAL TEACHING FOUNDATION" -- who teach OCF (Osteopathy in the Cranial Field) in the USA    our "ACADEMIE EUROPEENNE d'OSTEOPATHIE CRANIENNE" wishes to provide a link for those who have not yet had the opportunity to travel to the United States for OCF training.


Our pedagogic and scientific mission will be entirely "traditional", in continuation of the approach of Dr. A.T. STILL,MD, Dr. W.G. SUTHERLAND,DO and all the other "Elders" who have shaped us all.


The Board of the EurOCA is composed as follows:


President: Daniel RONSMANS,DO (UK)

Vice-President: Maurice BENSOUSSAN,MD,DO,FCA

Treasurer:             Tom DE LILLE,DO


Directors: Sheila BRENNAN,DO 

                               André CHANTELOT,MD,DO

                               Danny DEBOUVER,DO

Christian DE BRABANDERE,DO                             

Pierre DUBY,DO (UK) 

                                         Eric HUPET,DO 

                                         Luc LECOQ ,DO

                               Odile LOSTIS,DDS 


The EurOCA invites you to attend its second International Conference in the beautiful medieval city of BRUGES on Saturday, March 9th and Sunday, March 10th, 2019


Location: The NAVARRA Hotel ****

Sint-Jacobsstraat, 41 - 8000 Brugge



The EurOCA has negotiated a special room price of €114 for Friday night and €134 for Saturday.  There are a limited number of rooms at this special rate, so please book ASAP using the link at the bottom of this page.


Program: Advanced Therapeutics in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field


Speakers: Pr Maurice BENSOUSSAN,MD,DO,FCA



The conference will be given in French without translation !


Price:  450 euros (lunch and refreshments included)


A non-refundable deposit of €250 is due upon registration.  The remaining balance (€200) must be received by 10 February 2019.  (NB payment must be made by International Bank Transfer only.)



BNP Paribas Fortis

BIC GEBABEBB / IBAN BE78 0018 1377 2886

SCTF Belgium, 1380 LASNE

Mention:  EurOCA March 2019


Conditions for Registration

Participants must be MD's, DO's or DDS's, and must have attended at least one Basic course or one ICC in OCF (OCA, SCTF, SCTF Belgium, Viola FRYMANN).






Thème : Avancées thérapeutiques en OCF ( Osteopathy in the Cranial Field )

Programme :

Program for Saturday, 9 March:


08.00   Registration.

08.30 Welcome speech by Daniel RONSMANS,DO(UK)

              President EurOCA and SCTF Belgium.

08.35    Danny DEBOUVER,DO

                "La sous-estimation ostéopathique …

                  des membres supérieurs et inférieurs ".

10.30    Break for refreshments and Discussion in Small Groups (DSG).



10.45    Practical session.

12.30   Lunch together on site (at the NAVARRA).

13.45 Tom DE LILLE,DO

              Visualisation ou pas ? That's the question !

15.45    Break for refreshments and DSG.

16.00 Practical session.

18.00 Questions and Answers with the two Lecturers.

18.15 Adjourn.


Program for the Sunday, 11 March


             La sphère "Dento-Maxillo-Facio-Cervicale".

10.30 Break for refreshments and DSG.

12.30    Lunch together on-site (at the NAVARRA).

13.30    Practical session.

15.45    Break for DSG.

17.30 Conclusion by Maurice BENSOUSSAN,MD,DO,FCA

              New President of the EurOCA

17.45 Distribution of Certificates of Attendance.

18.00 End of Program.





Address : Sint-Jacobstraat 41

ZIP/City: 8000 Bruges

Email: news@euroca.org